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On Instinct (Reliance Sinclair, #0.5) Cover
On Instinct
(Reliance Sinclair #0.5)

When your undercover operation goes south, all you can rely on are your instincts.

The Seven Serpents gang underwent a violent coup. Now it’s under new management. We know nothing about it, except the leader is an ambitious woman known as The Lady. We have no idea who she is or what she’s capable of doing.

Six months ago, the Department sent me in undercover, but with little progress to show, my boss is shutting down the operation. My gut tells me I need to give it one more shot. This may be our last chance to cut off the gang’s head before they spread their venom into our city.

On Instinct is set eleven years before the start of On Impulse. The free offer is for an electronic download in exchange for signing up for the newsletter.
Trigger warnings: profanity, violence, drug use

On Instinct audiobook

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