I tried to form a gang once, but it turned into a book club. ~meme

Book Club Questions for On Impulse

1. Lourde says that once sinnalite (a source of energy) was discovered, humans focused research and development on faster-than-light travel and terraforming planets to the exclusion of other fields such as medical.
What are the benefits of focusing all our efforts on a few areas of research? What are the drawbacks?

2. Do you think humans will ever colonize other planets? Assuming a habitable environment, what do you think early colonies would look like? Which would be the first industries that should be set up? Agriculture, manufacturing/mining, communication, research, education, transportation, something else? Why?

3. In Reliance’s world, human have been altered both by mechanical means (bionic limbs) and by genetic modification (like the colonists on Ritru-6). We already have things like pacemakers, cochlear implants, and genetic modification of plants and animals.
Is the ultimate goal—as Lourde suggests—to merge human with machine? If not, where should we draw the line?

4. Assuming the health safety issues were resolved, would you want a neural impulse implant like the Insight or the Intell?
Is there any futuristic technology from the book you wish we had today (cuffs, reclamators, mood bracelets, LAVs, etc)?

5. DeAjamae says technology is getting worse. What’s been your experience?
Do you agree with Cress the bartender that technology for the sake of technology isn’t always better?

6. Reliance's bad experience with her former partner and coworkers changed her opinion of the law enforcement profession.
What steps could DECA have taken to retain Reliance’s trust?

7. Because Reliance didn’t trust law enforcement, she sought justice on her own.
What were the consequences? Is it ever okay to seek justice on your own?

8. Seddy gave Felix to Reliance for companionship while she was in space. Felix is a complex computer system.
Is it possible to have a real relationship with a computer? Does giving Felix a physical body make that feel more possible?

9. Lady Ilymechina says standing by her word is important in her business.
How do you think she will react to Iko turning Reliance into DECA? Is there such a thing as honor amongst thieves?

10. Why does Reliance rescue Walnut? What role do animals play in a high-tech society?
Does Walnut provide Reliance with something Felix doesn’t? What about vice versa?

Book Club Questions for On Instinct

1. Reliance's gut instinct tells her that Shug is ready to take her deal.
Where do your gut instincts come from? Are they reliable? Are they more or less reliable than logical reasoning?

2. Jarrett stepped out of his comfort zone to help Reliance. Has a friend ever gone out of their comfort zone to help you?

3. In this story, we see Reliance going undercover. Do you think you could work undercover? What skills would you need to pull it off?

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